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Shipping Services

R&P Carriers are one of Victoria’s major Ship to Shed vessel dischargers, with all drivers inducted in all Wharves, including MSIC and Toll Pass for the Port of Geelong, Port of Portland, No. 6 Victoria Dock at Yarraville, AAT, F-Berth and links with all Stevedores. We unload any size ship that comes to the Ports of Geelong, Portland and Yarraville and Transporting that to various locations in Victoria. We also Pick-up Grains from the Farm or other Pick-up points and Transporting that to the Ports ready for Local Shipping or for Export.

R&P Carriers supplies onsite Supervisor, Shipping Supervisor, Excavators, Frontend Loaders, Bobcat, Blowdown Staff and Street Sweepers all at very competitive Rates. We can Unload, Cart and Stack all the Product in the Shed ready for you. We have a well-maintained large fleet of Trucks, Trailers and other Equipment to provide a very efficient Shipping and Transport Service, whatever the size of the Job.